Brazil, like many countries in the world, has its own rules for the entry of pets such as dogs and cats.

Returning to Brazil

If the source of the pet is Brazilian to return, some steps are important:

– Vaccination must always be kept up to date. The last rabies vaccine must have been applied at least 30 days before the trip, and not more than one year. Also, always maintaining vaccination days ensures that serology does not lose its validity.

– If he has left Brazil, it is likely that you already have an identification microchip implanted. It is not mandatory, but is recommended for ease of identification.

– It needs to be issued one International Health Certificate, and it changes according to the country of origin. In some countries, the veterinarian itself emits only other official agencies, check with your local veterinarian.

– Until recently it was necessary to legalize this certificate in the Brazilian consulate. Since the day August 21, 2009, this step is no longer necessary (according to Decree No. 6946 OF 21 AUGUST 2009). You only need consularizar the Health Certificate if the exporting country requires process similar to Brazil (in the case of Qatar, Kuwait, Nigeria, Tanzania, Egypt, Kenya, Syria, Turkey and some other more).

– The difference between the date of issue of the International Health Certificate and the date of arrival in Brazil must be no greater than 10 days.

– No need to import permit for dogs, cats and ferrets, but for other species usually yes.

– Have the CZI (International Animal Health Certificate) that was issued before departure abroad. This document proves that the pet is returning and it exempts the payment of various import taxes.


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