United States (including Hawaii)


The United States has made ​​few demands regarding the entry of pets in American soil.

Briefly, the requirements are:

– Implementation of international standard microchip identification (optional).

– Portfolio updated vaccination (especially rabies).

– Veterinary certificate attesting that the animal is in good health and fit to travel.

– International Animal Health Certificate (CZI), issued by the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture. 



  • – Animals less than 90 days old are not accepted;
  • – Veterinary certificate (declaration that the animal shows no clinical signs of diseases peculiar species), valid for 72 hours after their issuance;
  • – Microchip identification (ISO 11784 and ISO 11785);
  • – Portfolio updated vaccinations (rabies performed with a minimum period of 30 days, the animal must have taken at least two doses of this vaccine with a minimum interval of 30 days between them, further adding vaccinations Distemper, Hepatitis and Adnovirus II , Parainfluenza and parvovirus);
  • – Test antibody titer against rabies. Should be performed by authorized American laboratory (serology is only valid for 12 months);
  • – The animal should be vermifugado maximum 14 days before arrival;
  • – International Animal Health Certificate (CZI), issued by the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture
  • – No pets are accepted on direct flights to Maui, Big Island and Kauai, Honolulu airport only receives pets;
  • – It is prohibited to females over 45 days of gestation, or offspring;
  • – Vault 120 days within Brazil – the animal can travel from 120 days counted from the date of receipt of the blood sample by an authorized US laboratory, and after his arrival to 30 days of confinement at the Animal Quarantine Station located in Honululu;
  • – The International Health Certificate “CZI”, issued by the Brazilian government, is valid 05 days from date of issue.


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