bandeira-mercosulArgentina / Uruguay / Paraguay For animals over 90 days of age is required that the rabies vaccination has been carried out with a minimum of 30 days and that is within the validity period (annual). In the case of animals vaccinated cousin, the trip will only be allowed 21 days after the vaccination against rabies. For animals under 03 months of age the vaccination is not required. The animals under 03 months of age can carry over to the Mercosur countries when proven veterinary authority:

  • – That the animal’s age is less than 90 days;
  • – That the animal was not on any property where there has been cases of urban rabies in the last 90 days, based on the statement of the owner and / or the official epidemiological information.

In the health certificate shall contain the following statements:

  • – The animal shows no clinical signs of disease and no evidence of parasites and is able to transfer to the destination country;
  • – The animal was subjected to clinical examination no communicable disease have been identified;
  • – That the animal was tested in the last 15 days, an effective broad-spectrum treatment against internal and external parasites, including: – day / month / year of the administration of the internal and external antiparasitic; – Lab / trade name; – The active ingredient of the product.

In addition, must include current immunizations against other diseases, indicating the following information:

  • – Trade name of the vaccine;
  • – Disease;
  • – Manufacturing laboratory;
  • – Number of departure;
  • – Date of vaccination.

There is no requirement for serology – antibodies against rabies. There is no requirement in the animal microchip. Health certificate is valid for 72 hours after its issuance. There is no requirement for quarantine as long as they meet all standards. The International Animal Health Certificate “CZI” is valid for 60 days from the date of issue and is valid for the return of the animal to Brazil.

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