Sweden requires that animals from Brazil when they came to Sweden should remain in strict quarantine for 120 days or 4 months. Furthermore, the procedures listed on this page before you go, are needed. This is only a summary of all the documentation that must be prepared and tests that need to be made​​.

Before traveling, you must:

  • – Microchip identification of European standard.
  • – Portfolio updated vaccination (especially rabies).
  • – Test antibody titer against rabies.
  • – Quarantine of 90 days within Brazil – the animal can only travel from the 90th day, counting from the date of blood collection to take anger.
  • – The animal should be treated preventively against echinococcus and ticks sp.
  • – Veterinary certificate attesting that the animal is fit to travel and that has been treated against parasites mentioned above.
  • – International Animal Health Certificate (CZI), issued by the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture.


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