bandeira-chSwitzerland, although no member country of the European Union adopts the same criteria and requirements that member countries. In addition, animals that alight in EU member countries and then make inquiries to Switzerland by land routes do not require any additional documentation. Check the requirements of Switzerland:

  • – Microchip identification of European standard.
  • – Registration of the microchip with the international body.
  • – Updated vaccination card (especially rabies).
  • – Titration of antibodies against rabies.
  • – Quarantine of 90 days within Brazil – the animal can only travel from the 90th day, counting from the date of blood collection to take anger.
  • – Veterinary certificate attesting that the animal is fit to travel.
  • – International Animal Health Certificate (CZI), issued by the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture.
  • – Animals with ears and / or tail amputated not have allowed entry (unless it is only for a short period of time, such as year-end holidays accompanied by the owner or if the owner is moving to Switzerland, or if the animal had to amputate for proven medical reasons).

If you are in Sao Paulo:

  • – Implementation of the microchip, performed by veterinarian at home.
  • – Collection of animal blood performed by veterinarian at home.
  • – Test of rabies antibody serology, performed at the Laboratory for Zoonosis Control Center of the Municipality of São Paulo.
  • – Search the documentation at home.
  • – Examination of the animal on the trip home a few weeks ago, as mandated by law, and issue the veterinary certificate.
  • – Issuance of CZI (International Animal Health Certificate), made ​​at the Agriculture Ministry.
  • – Issuance of import permit, made ​​by the Bundesamt für Veterinärwesen (vet federal agency).
  • – Reserve the animal with the air co.
  • – Monitoring the process and consultancy in relation to all aspects of travel, including choosing the best shipping box.
  • – Delivery of all documentation at home.


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