MM CARGO LOGISTICS, was established to consolidate the operations of the National and International Logistics, understanding and coordinating integrated transport processes in a quick and eff ective way.

The company was founded in July the 2013 and is 100% domestic capital, adding to its founding more than 25 years of market experience in Air, Sea, Land modals and Customs Clearance.

MM CARGO LOGISTICS off ers complete solutions in the provision of international and domestic logistics services, meeting the specialized form all segments and can off er complete solutions that include all supply chain with regard to transportation.

We off er personalized service, including all proceedings of International Trade are one step ahead of the market, adding to its services, after arranging for all shipments Live Anu (AVI), air, sea and land transport, ensuring quality and safety in export operations and imports, taking the commitment and quality to solve all your needs in this segment.

To complete such proceedings we off er every service related to completion of the operation, from the collection of the Cargo (Pick Up), Customs Clearance, International Freight, Consulting, from inception to completion of the operation, both in import and export.


We value dedication in caring: information and negotiations with the customer.

MM CARGO LOGISTICS prioritizes partnership with our clients, and the goal is to not only provide transportation, but also acquire and retain all clients, attracting new partners. Thus, we value quality standards in all processes, as well as the Complete Customer Satisfaction.