What is CZI?

The International Health Certifi cate – CZI is the document issued or stamped by the Offi cial Veterinary Service of the country of origin or provenance of the animals, in order to ensure compliance with the health conditions required for the international movement of animals to the destination country.

The validity of the CZI varies according to the destination country. Where you get a CZI?

The CZI must be obtained from the Agricultural Security Service – SVA or Agricultural Surveillance Unit – UVAGRO, installed at the airport from which originates the animal’s flight, at the border, or in the boat in the harbor, where the boat in international transport . HEADS UP!! To request the CZI, the owner should schedule a specific time with the MAP units.

The MM CARGO send this document together with the department responsible in order to be able to have greater security and convenience for your shipment.

The hiring is not necessary that you go to the airport our offi ce will arrange and instruct him to boarding.